The SaysMe.TV program may


The SaysMe.TV program may not be for everyone. Our goal in introducing this program was simply to provide a money-making opportunity to our community, with low barriers to entry and as much flexibility as possible. The videographer is free to charge whatever production fee he deems appropriate. $500 is only a suggested price, based on the cost of “canned” ads online. Naturally, a $500 commercial is not going to have the same production quality as a $5,000 commercial. The quality and price of the commercial is something that must be negotiated with every client.
The residual commission is relatively low in order to keep the price of the commercials low. Providing an opportunity for a client to buy TV spots, for as low as $6.00 each, makes TV advertising accessible to nearly any business. If the program had higher commission rates, the spots would need to be priced higher to accommodate the extra expense. However, this could make it more difficult for agents to sell the spots. There is always a trade off, when it comes to price vs. commission. We opted to keep the barriers to entry as low a possible and the flexibility as high as possible. If you want/need more profit, you are free to incorporate it into the up-front production fees.
We realize that not all new opportunities will provide benefit to all people. SaysMe.TV is based on disruptive technology, which will shift profit opportunities towards the small business operator. The SaysMe.TV program is of great benefit for people that may not currently be in the TV commercial production business. Our hope is that that this sort of opportunity will allow agents to forge new business relationships, which they can then turn into long term clients.

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