The reasoning for the lack


The reasoning for the lack of interest in the video community for Hunting and Fishing is the general low budget of such outfitters, and the extreme expense in camera operator time alotments.

Beyond the inconsistancy of the outdoors in cooperating with a shooting schedule 😉 there’s the added problem of unpredictable Game. It’s not like you can just call up the deer or fish at will.

Another problem with hunting and fishing material is the extra expense involved in Weatherproofing the equipment. Only bigger budget shoots have the extra cash on hand to rent underwater housing for fishing shoots, and nice as they are, EWA’s are difficult to use above water. The lowbudget guys just won’t risk their equipment, either.

Besides all those porblems there is the problem of Power consumption requirements and lighting dilemmas. How much battery power are you going to need to get audio of and video of the environment and principle characters, particularly when they are so unpredictable. And lighting reflectors scare away the wildlife.

Speaking of scaring wildlife, Just how much noise does the equipment and crew make?

You’ll also be very hardpressed to find hunting and fishing stock footage, except of trout, due again to the absolute time commitment getting that footage would be. it’s usually not worth the stock footage providers time, because of the generally small market right now.

If you were asking this question to determine a market for yourself as a videographer, then by all means, go for it. There’s lots of people out there that could use hunting and Fishing stock footage, particularly of the animals, if it were available in high quality. Just remember that if this is your first venture, there is a lot of time required for it as well as a huge personal cost commitment.

Good luck.

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