The reason you shouldn’t d


The reason you shouldn’t do it is that you are not using a good enough recorder. You didn’t mention the brand and model of your “digital audio recorder” but I’ll bet it more of a “digital voice recorder” …. something like an Olympus or Sony … something like the replacement for those mini-cassette recorders that were popular years ago.

Those devices may work, but the quality may suffer .. AND .. you may have problems with drift. ie. sync with the video.

The cheapest recorder I would suggest is the Zoom H-2 at $200

This technique is called “double system sound” and is used by professionals all the time. I’m an amateur but I’ve found this system *very* useful. I use a Edirol R-09 and a pair of boundry mics for a stereo recording. I don’t shoot weddings but 3 to 6 people at a table at a panel discussions.

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