The reason that all the


      The reason that all the tutorials that you find relate to DSLRs is because they are the cameras that are best suited to ahieve what you want to do.  Your problem is that you're using a camcorder, which has a smaller image sensor.  DSLRs typically have larger image sensors, which give them the advantage when it comes to creating that out-of-focus background that you want, while keeping your subject in focus.  Interchangeable lenses also give them the ability to adapt to different situations.  The best thing you can do is what it sounds like you've been doing:  Keep you aperture as wide as you can.  Zoom in as far as you can, but then move your camera into a position so that your subject is framed the way to want him or her, and then hopefully your background will be far enough behind your subject that it will be out of focus.  If this doesn't work for you, there may not be a whole lot else you can do, unless you want to play some games with it in post.  But then you might end up spending way more time on it than you want, trying to rotoscope or a similar process.

     I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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