The question re: exposure


The question re: exposure rating was trying to understand what the better half’s scrawl on his paper was all about and it was not to include that topic.

You keep saying that I want to edit, when I mention the word edit I am merely looking at adding a title and music in the background and a closing text portion, to clarify the question.

I hope that resolves those queries.

I thought that you were supposed to post a new topic if you had one that had nothing to do with the current post and not hi jack another members?
That is what occurs at other forums and I believe that is the norm and respects the forums members. Courtesy.

My queries re mini dvd’s to 4.75 dvd creation is precisely b/c this is new to both my husband and myself and thus I am trying to type quickly his questions as he is anxious to purchase a camera and we already went through the Hi 8 and editing and believed that surely technology would have improved by now.
However by your comments, it sounds like it has not which is surprising. We really believed that being that mini dvd’s were being used that creation of a dvd with a small degree of edit would not involve an mpeg.

Our concept of the type of editing we would like to do is far from doing a long full blown effort. Just the title, music and text ending. However, we have been away from the world of dvd camcorders and thus are not up to date with what has to be done.
Our apologies.

Best regards,

(And no one has said whether my original query of burning a #1 mini-dvd to a 4.75 large dvd and then adding a #2 to follow the # 1 burn would work….thus keeping one family of dvd’s together) ( Unless I missed the reply)
would appreciate a "yey" or "nay" on that one.

This forum obviously is fortunate to have such experienced members of which we certainly are not one of them and we aplogize for our lack of knowledge but we all have to start somewhere.

Cheers and we look forward to comments.

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