The problem you’ll run int


The problem you’ll run into with a "trunk mount" is going to be heat. Up to a certain point, your computer will still operate normally in heat, but in a metal box like the trunk of your car, the heat would melt a processor the first time it started rendering. If you have a darker colored car, which would absorb more energy (i.e. "heat") then this problem only gets worse. imagine putting your computer in your home oven, turning the temp up to 200, and letting yur computer sit in there all day. That’s essentially what you’d be doing here. That’s why you don’t see too many dark colored news vans parked out on the street on a hot august day with the power off. Ya gots to keep them computers cool.

That being said, with your problem with the folks who just keep making changes, collect all yur money from them, and ship them the final project. If they don’t like it, and the errors are not your fault (i.e. typos, etc), then they need to re-hire you to make revisions, at your going rate. They will also need to pay the cost of having more duplicates made.

I ran into that problem once. I sent them a video, and they wanted this changed, I re-sent it, and now they don’t like the transition in one spot. When I got the videos back from them, I told them I wouldn’t do any more free revisions, and if they wanted any changes made after my second revision, it’d be $75 per hour (two hour minimum) plus $15 per Video/DVD. Not suprisingly, they were very content with my second revision. πŸ˜‰

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