The problem may be not the


The problem may be not the Video Editing Program, rather the Computer your trying to run it on. The first and foremost thing you should do before purchasing any Video Editing Program, is look at the tech spec need to run the Program, then figure out if you Computer meets or exceeds those specs. If your Computer does not meet those specs, the program will not work as expected. After looking at both of those Program’s tech spec, neither of them will work on a laptop, as they both require a 2 GB or larger Graphics Card, above and beyond the motherboard on-board graphics has, and you cannot put a Graphics Card in a laptop Computer

I have a desktop Computer with 16 GB internal Hard drive, running Windows 7, it has a 2 GB Graphics Card installed and a surround sound Sound Card installed also. Any Video Editing Program I have thrown at it work fine. Also I can put a 2 hour video (wedding) and render it out and burn to DVD in less then 20 minutes.

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