The place where the GL2 hu


The place where the GL2 hurts me is 16:9 and resolution.

It uses anamorphic 16:9. which is a loss of resolution straight off, and then the XL2 offers a much higher resolution in 16:9 which is 960 x 576 as apposed to your normal 720×480

So here is a good question that would make a decision between the GL2 and the XL2:

Can mini DV hold a 960×576 resoltuion of it that shrink down to a format that would fit on 720×480?

For me resolution is going to be a big issue, I need the highest reolution possible. Even though it would be shrunk down eventually to fit on a DVD.

I have to say I am really impressed by the response I got here. Thanks a lot guys, I’m pretty sure I will be getting the XL2, but I am about 6 months out from buying it as I am currently wrapped up in preproduction work. I am glad to know I haev a palce where I can go to discuss these kinds of things and I am overjoyed to see now have a subscription to Vidoe Maker magazine. Thanks for all your input guys! πŸ™‚

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