The place was a one hour p


The place was a one hour photo/camera store. The owner offered me a discounted price if I opened a store account.

Some time later he offered to put up some Wedding shots on his wall to make referrals of wedding prospects to me.

I later found out he was making multiple prints off my negatives, and selling copies (even inked a deal with a german film manufacturer).

I sent a mytsery shopper in to ask questions, and that person asked about wedding photography, pointing at the photos on the wall, and was told that my prices were a rip off, and he would shoot the wedding under the table for half the price. He was using my work to lure customers in, then baiting and switching.

I reported him for fraud. I consulted a lawyer. I had some notarized letter sent off. I was told I could sue for damages, slander and copyright infringement. I didn’t have enough money for a retainer, so I sent him a letter stating my intent to sue, quoting some of the points the lawyer had informed me of.

He responded by threatening to put me out of business, and started slandering me to everybody who walked in the door.

My understanding is the film manfacturer put him out of business by yanking thier deals, and calling in loans on a $175,000.00 mini lab. after they caught wind (from him) of a scandal involving copyright theft….

He went bankrupt before I could raise the lawyers retainer.

He did it all to himself.

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