“The PC1000 also seems ver


“The PC1000 also seems very substandard as it recods in mpeg format at 320×240…is that correcet?….if so, the VX2100 will blow it away even further.”

The mpeg recording is only used with the Sony memory card. The normal recording is regular recording (720X480) in either 4×3 or 16×9 format. Everything about the camera is great except for the low light performace which is primarily the reason why I’m thinking about the upgrade. The compact size is amazing and can be taken anywhere.

Can you explan more about the “white balance, iris up, and gain properly”? I will be test shooting with the VX2100 next week and have decided to shoot some video inside a Starbucks with the VX2100 and then my PC1000 to compare the difference in low light.

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