the PAL standard is the no


the PAL standard is the non US/Canada broadcast framerate. You use that standard so you don’t have to do any conversions or adjustments. So if you want to do it the traditional "film" way you can buy DV camcorders that record in NTSC 24 FPS. the US/Canada Film framerate. Like the perfect in everyway, and also very expensive Canon XL2. The human eye has trouble differentiating small movments at around 12 FPS but it can pick up strobing at fast movements at around 24 FPS. The 24 FPS is kinda arbitrary as it is just the speed that film cameras are standardized to film at. If you want the film look on DV buy a XL2 and use Magic Bullet. Also make sure that you shoot a shollow depth of field. In order to recreate the optics of a film camera.

Which brings me to the second part: I have never used Magic Bullet in After Effects, but I do use it in in Sony Vegas, what do you mean configuration?

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