The only way I know involv


The only way I know involves a “loop style” degausser. Plug in the degausser, holding it so the loop is horizontal. Drop the tape through the center of the loop. Repeat this a couple times and put the tape in the camera. If the tape is blank, then it was the original. 😀

Okay, seriously though, there’s really not an easy way to tell if one tape is a copy or original, unless you actually have both the orginal and the copy. If you’re dubbing from camera to camera, the copy might start slightly later on the tape or clip off the beginning or the end, but wihout having the bona fide original tape to hold a copy to, it could be tough to figure out which is which.

I suppose that there’s probably some way that a criminal forensics lab might be able to figure this out, but for the average video maker, there’s no way to really tell the difference.

(And if you didn’t pick up on the sarcasm, NEVER bring a degausser anywhere near a tape!)

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