The only version I ever us


The only version I ever used of Nero was the included software that came with a Sony burner. Of course it was a stripped down OEM version that only worked with that burner. You may be right about the multiple burners. My experience would NOT allow me to find out for myself.

I had mentioned the transfer rates being higher for hard drives than optical drives to the tech support guy and he couldn’t explain it either. I’m guessing it has to do with the device signature. Amazing how you can just plug in a device and the computer knows what it is, who makes it, etc.

I still wouldn’t call my attempt at a home duplicator a failure. I can burn 4 at a time. The speed of 2 is slow. Its a good practice to burn slower anyways to avoid errors. So instead of 1 at a time at 4x, I can do 2 at 4x and 2 at 1x. I’ve gone from 4 and hour to 10.

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