The only reason I didn’t r


The only reason I didn’t return Studio 10 Titanium when I got it is because by the time I had finally installed everything and entered all of the product keys I had so much time invested that I couldn’t bear the thought that it was spent in vain. I also wasn’t happy that I had to install multiple updates and patches just to get it up to date. I am currently running 10.7

After that things were fine for a while. I made a few movies, converted some to iPod format, etc. The render quality was great. No major hiccups. DVD’s played fine (although I didn’t try making menus).

Then out of nowhere about a month ago everything I render is lossy, grainy, and pixelated. No matter what format, codec, or configuration I use, it always outputs the same lossy junk video.

I am very disappointed with Studio 10 Titanium. Did I pay a lot of cash for it? Not really (but enough). If my movies would render correctly I would be a happy camper. Infact I am between a rock and a hard place now. I have about 200 people waiting on a video that will not render correctly. I have many hours of editing invested so I don’t want to run the 10.8 update and have my project files not open.

Does anyone know if the 10.8 update fixes quality loss issues?

…my rant is over.

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