The NX5R does offer extra


The NX5R does offer extra features that a full sized camcorder would be able to support over the Z90 which is a compact camcorder. That extra bit is paying for the bigger battery, LED light, slighty larger display, and most importantly, the lens which is larger, faster and has a longer optical range than the Z90.

Theat being said the Z90 has its own advantages though being newer. It's lighter, more portable, cheaper; it has slow motion up to 120fps; the sensor has 14 megapixels stuffed into the sensor for better image quality in good light; The optical zoom is shorter, but the Clear image zoom (which is just as good as optical) goes to 24x, and the Digital Zoom (which I would use sparingly) goes out to 48x. All which leads into the previous arguements I guess lol.

To be honest, they are both great cameras, and I don't think you could go wrong with either one!

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