>>>The normal rec


>>>The normal recording is regular recording (720X480)

Ok, that makes more sense especially from a 3-CCD camera…I just couldn’t find that info on the 3 websites I checked.

>>>Can you explan more about the white balance, iris up, and gain properly?


White Balancing

White balancing basically tells the camera what white looks like under the current lighting conditions of your location. Typically, this is just to have accurate color, but it can also help improve the look of the actual exposure as well.

There is automatic (preset) and manual white balancing.

The presets may be sufficient for you for now…There is and indoor white balance and an outdoor white balance preset and you don’t really have to do anything other than just select which preset to use.

If you are not satisfied with the color, or the white in your video has a heavy bluish or orangish tint, you may want to manually white balance.

If you manually white balance, you typically want to do it every time the lighting changes significantly.

The user manual will illustrate how to white balance on pages 50-51:


Iris UP

Basically this just means opening the iris all the way to make sure you are getting maximum light in low light situations. Again, there is automatic iris and manual iris control…It may be best to use manual iris control so that you can make sure that the iris is completely open and stays open during low light recording. This may also be refered to as exposure….see page 45 in the user manual I linked to above.


Gain is also covered in the exposure section on page 45. Typically, you don’t want to use gain unless absolutely necessary because it artificially brightens up the picture and this can cause various degrees of graininess depending on the situation. However sony cameras do a great jobat utilizing gain and the quality loss is minimal under minimal but decent lighting conditions, especially if you keep the gain under 8db.

Basically the Iris control and gain are adjusted from the same adjustment knob or scroller. Its starts at a closed irisand goes to an open iris.

If you keep scrolling past the open iris, the gain will kick in and you will see the 0.0db start to increase in value up to 18.0db.

Additional notes

Make sure that the outdoor ND filters are off as these limit the light for outdoor use. (page 47)

Using a higher shutter speed will also limit the light. (page 46)

I would review all manual adjustments on pages 47-53.

Also, testing the camera at starbucks may work, but it may be better to find a place that resembles the gym you record at and has similar lighting….I only say this because it will give you a better idea of how the camera performs. Starbucks can be a little tricky because it is usuallya dim/darker atmosphere with bright windows which poses a challenge…just ask any camera operator….but maybe the starbucks you go to is different.

Finally, it may be helpful if you have somebody to show you how to operate the camera properly so that it gets a fair shake….it really is a good camera….if you’re in Michigan, maybe I could help you.

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