the niche markets that i’m


the niche markets that i’m working are substantially represented on ebay in terms of dollars. given that i can program software and have intimate knowledge of the subject matter, i think it’s a great way to get stated.

there are folks who have made a mint on ebay. i *love* ebay!

i’ve found a copy of adobe premier 6.0 used, that’s never been registered for $25.00. looks like i’m taking that and upgrading to premier pro for $199.00 ….

i’m really wondering just how much i can dress up the video i shoot with the camera i’m getting. it would certainly be nice to have 2 cameras set up, and for another $450, i could be running two panasonic pv-gs320’s. this camera has all the $$ put in the video, with a prosumer 3ccd feature. i know the sound will be crap, so i’m figuring on recording the sound seperately.

unfortunately, life has me on a financial shoestring these days.

and compusolver, your site is beautiful. great job! what cameras are you using?

any and all suggestions appreciated!

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