the nex 10 will take nice


the nex 10 will take nice stills. (you also get a decent mic with that)….

I say ten mins because 24 mins is about the max (with pentax) most are less than that, and the hotter it gets, the longer it takes to cool off… then there are memory cards… video uses alot of space.

a fifty 1.8 will give you shallow dof and is a nice portrait length for aps-c sensors.

the 100 macro will also give nice shallow dof and also good for portraits and macro shots.

both are excellent low light lenses that on a decent camera body will allow you to shoot video by a single lit candle.

Do some googling, sony issued a warning about heat on it’s dslr’s last week I think…

Panasonic Lumix has some decent all rounders for photo and video…..

you want cheap… look at the pentax kx.

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