The new TriCaster 40 excels


The new TriCaster 40 excels at live keying, and at just $4995, is far more than a keyer – it's a "portable TV production studio". Connect 4 SD and/or HD cameras, and live switch between them with plenty of transitions available. Apply chroma key to any of the inputs, and resize/crop/rotate the keyed subject. Virtual sets are included – place your subject in a realistic newsroom, or many other included sets, or any background of your choosing. Mac or PC computer inputs can be used as additional sources (beyond the 4 video inputs) via network cable, as well as Apple AirPlay devices (imagine your iPad video coming into the switcher wirelessly).


TriCaster 40 also has a built-in DDR, which allows playback of still and video clips from the hard drive – like having another video source (deck) that you can switch to at any time. Create a slide show, play back prerecorded "commercials", play backgrounds for the keying, etc. Eliminates needing to connect a VCR or tape deck source.


Want to stream to the web? Built-in HD web streaming output is included!!


You can also record your live event to the hard drive, so you have a "master" copy and can later edit that with your NLE to create highlights, DVDs, or other re-purposing of the material.


Also has 2 GFX channels to overlay custom titles and graphics onto your program output.


Depending on what kind of productions you plan on doing, you may find TriCaster 40 ideal to "do it all" for you, far beyong just keying, to produce very professional-looking productions for broadcast and live web streaming.


Thank you


Jeff Pulera

Safe Harbor Computers



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