The necessity of 3 camera


The necessity of 3 cameras is a myth and often a gimmick to suck more money from the marrying couple. A good professional is able to do wonders with one good camera. It’s a good idea to have a back up camera handy though Good luck, go for it!

I will agree that the necessity for three cameras is a myth BUT… The necessity for (at least) two cameras is not a myth.

Any seasoned wedding videographer knows that you should not have less than two cameras. Personally I use three. I don’t charge any more for three than I would for two. I only have three (plus two extras as backup) for ease of editing. If I am moving one camera and my 2nd camera operator is moving at the same time as I am,both of those shots are out, so the the 3rd camera is there with a nice static shot that I can always rely on.

This 3rd camera has been a life saver more than once. The extra cameras are just backup in case something happens to the others. I usually don’t use or even download that footage.

Yes… I know the argument, and I have already responded once to it a few months ago on these forums.

“A good videographer can make a quality production from just one camera.” And that’s all well and good but it takes twice the time to try to manipulate that one shot to make something that the bride and groom will actually want to (or more importantly) or be able to watch without getting a head ache. An hour long static shot is boring. A besides, why put myself through all of that extra (editing) work when I don’t have to?

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