The name of the ‘young-lad


The name of the ‘young-lady’ has come back to me, Rachel Wilson. The film was called ‘The108-year-old Chief’, with reference to a Vanuatu chief ‘Johnston Kowia’, who was fighting to preserve the traditions and culture of his tribe in the face of ‘progress’, (yes, the usual kind, busloads of ‘loopies’,cameras intrusively thrust into faces, and the inevitable corruption of traditional values).

The production was assisted by equipment/software developed by ‘Taylormade Productions’ in Dunedin, which may strike a ‘vibe’ with some, as the organisation to the forefront in animating America’s Cup Yachting, international golf, and other sports, to make them more comprehensible for general TV presentation. Rachel’s video, has only been seen in limited release, so-far, and I have not seen it myself, but I intend to.

Interesting, possibly, are the ‘rules’ of presentation which are still being evolved. I understand that the queaziness and nausea which attended earlier 3D screenings in the 1950’s and 60’s were due to most viewers being unable to come-to-terms with one or two matters to do with the physiology of how weseethe world around us. The principle problems, apparently, are the screen margins and especially images projected so as to be apparently on a plane forward of the screen. Those images being cut-off arbitarily cannot be resolved by many viewers, leading to feelings of disorientation similar to motion-sickness. That’s what appeals to me about the medium, it’s in the process of development, so at the moment, my ‘two-cents-worth’ is as valid as anyone else’s. That will ‘pass’, however when the tertiary education sector wades into the situation and sets up a monolith of ‘rules’ about 3D. Then, as always, most the fun and sense-of-achievement will be gone-from-it.

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