The MOST time saving and


The MOST time saving and economical way to do VHS to DVD is simply to go to WalMart and purchase a Magnavox (Philips really) deck that does it neat and clean without a lot of hassle. The deck without a tuner is only $150. Unless you’re going to get kneedeep into editing that stuff, working overtime to make something of it more than simply capturing the “money” shots (still something easier done after straight conversion) the above solution is GREAT – if you’re doing VHS, that is.

I thought of that a while back, when they were $250+. I thought it was too expensive. Now you say $150, which sounds better.

I’ve got a DVD player, a Blue Ray Player, a DVD Combo Samsung DVD-V2000. My gosh the thought of buying another darn box to hang out in the garage don’t appeal to me much.TheSamsung will record onto the VHS, and play the DVD. What a world we live in. LOL

I’d rather spend the $150 on competent software that would helpwith other Video/media editing, etc. than buy another player box anything.

Not that I don’t appreciate your posting.

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