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The most straightforward solution would probably be to go out and buy a 35mm film camera. but you didn’t hear that from me πŸ˜€

I know that Canon’s XL2 does a 24p shooting mode, that I think it converts to NTSC 30fps on the fly, so you don;t have the audio syncing problem. But do not quote me on that. I am doing filmmaking myself, and when I have amassed the money I am buying an XL2 as far as I have been able to research it is the best camera you can get for Digital filmmaking purposes. check out this video here it talk about the XL2 and the 24p shooting mode. It also has some great examples. The best part is that this feature tour was not created or even licensed to be created by Canon. it was done by on their own, but Canon latched on the the video shortly after its release. Anyway, check it out, and you will become a believer…

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How to buy a camera β€” 2020

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