The most important thing a


The most important thing at the interview is ask questions and fully understand the clients needs, expectations and budget. This is best done with a series of predetermined questions, so you don’t miss anything and you should make notes all the way through the interview. Request a tour of the clients premises in particular identify aspects of the business the client has previously identified to you as being most import to project in the production.

Once you have all the information you need you are then in a position to estimate costs involved and work on a concept for the production. Prior to leaving the interview make another appointment, within a reasonable time frame to hand deliver your cost estimate.

The second interview is your big sell opportunity, I find presentations are best made in a story board format. At the end of the presentation ask the client for their thoughts. Next present an itemised cost estimate and if all is going well attempt to close the sale and get a 10% deposit. The most important thing in any sales presentation is to sell the sizzle not the sausage. Good luck.   


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The best video monitors — 2021

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