The mini/XLR-m adapter wil


The mini/XLR-m adapter will work fine, just make sure that both sides of the stereo signal from the laptop’s outputare being combined through the single XLR input adapterbeing pluggedinto the house system. If not,you’ll drop one side of the stereosignal your trying to send. When buying the adapter, ask the salesperson about that. Another way to go is to use mini/RCA (stereo) adapter. Most PA systems have an RCA stereo input on theirmixing board along with it’s own pre-amp for controlling input volume. That way the RCA input stereo signal can be boosted if needed plus you’ll be sure to get both sides of the stereo output signal coming fromyour laptop. Keep in mind,using other people’s gear is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get!

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