The microphone they will u


The microphone they will use to send sound to the speakers will have to be plugged into an audio amplifier. The auxilary out socket of that audioamplifier isalways your best source for recording sound.

Regardless if the sockets on either the amplifier or the camera are 3.5mm or XLRany socket connectionmismatch is easily solved with a 3.5 to XLRconverter plug and socket (

In most cases, if it is a 1 camera shoot the camera will normally be located at the back of the room and the amplifieron stage/up-front near the microphone and to make the amplifier to camera lead connection will necessate the use of a long audio extension lead.

A second option to avoid the long lead scenerio would be to use a wireless transmitter (i.e. plug the output of the auxilary amp in the wireless transmitter microphone input socket) and plug the wireless receiver output socket into the camera.

If you are really in jam with leads/plugs/etc a quick/easy solution is to place in a fixed position a 2nd small handycam near a speakerand use that to record audio for inclusion into youredit at a later date.

Can’treccomend to strongly whatever method you use to record sound you should confirmyour audio quality is accepctable by monitoring it with headphones during recording. You can have the best video but poor/distorted/no sound andyourone and only opportunity to do the job is lost forever. Good Luck.

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