The mac does have many gre


The mac does have many great software solutions for any need. Avid, FCP, FCPE, iMovie among others for editing. Maya, cinema 4d, kinemac among others for 3d. After effects, Combustion, Shake, boris for compositing and graphics. I could go on forever in this regard. The stigma that software is not available for the mac is something that was true 5-10 years ago not the same today. Yes for the mainstream user a pc is the way to develop just because of market share. In business pcs rule but this is just simply not the case in professional video and film. In the low end PCs are also more prevalent but the pros use Avid and Final Cut to edit, and more and more are moving to final cut.
I was a PC guy until my senior year of college and started looking for internships and realized that in a professional setting its either a Mac running Avid a mac running Final Cut or a SGI system running a Auto desk product (Flint, Flame, Inferno) With the occasional PC running Avid and maybe a Premiere workstation or two. As far as the computers being more expensive the mac mini costs less than a comparable mini pc with a core duo proc. The power macs are workstation class systems and therefore cost more. Look at the dell precision workstations configure one of those with some decent ram and a bit of storage and the cost difference gets alot closer and the top end precision only has dual cores. Configured the same way the Power Mac came in at 4,249.00 and the dell came in at 4,427. There are alot of myths about macs that still perpetuate today but many of them are no longer true. Windows PCs are great too but in this industry it pays to know both well. If you are working for yourself then it doesn’t really matter but working in the industry knowing macs and Final Cut is a good idea.

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