The LP/SP selection really


The LP/SP selection really has nothing to do with frame rate, only recording speed, which is giving you your crappy quality. Keep it on SP. I talked to my colleague on the subject, & he confirmed my thoughts of frame rate. Film rolls at 24 frames per second(fps) while video record at 30 fps. If the camera you’re using has a shutter speed option, then you could adjust it to a slower speed. However, I have a Sony D8/Hi8 camera as well,(DCR TRV 120) & it doesn’t have that option. Maybe yours does.
That being said, you can do alot of research on the Web. There is a lot of detailed info on how to avoid such problems. Google it.
My 2 cents? You may be able to adjust fps in post-production. Are you using an editing software? I work with Sony Vegas, and it can manipulate frame rate.
I also upgraded my camera to a Canon GL2, due to the fact that the Sony was not very versatile.
I’m sorry if this doesn’t help, but there are alot of resources out there. Keep digging.
Good luck.

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