The internal drive is a 32


The internal drive is a 320GB Serial ATA 2 Hard Drive (7200RPM). The external is a 250 GB 7200 RPM USB 2.0 External Hard Drive – My Book Essential Edition.

I found it rather odd myself about the limitation on the second hard drive. I have owned a Dell Dimension 8300 for the last 3 years and it has room for 2. Up until 2 weeks ago the Dell has been flawless other than it being a bit sluggish with editing but that is due to the set up when it was purchased. 2 weeks ago the C Drive became corrupted and is no longer recognized by the PC. I procrastinated getting a back up of my data so now I will have to shell out big bucks to retrieve it. Bonehead move on my part I know. They could have been a bit more helpful but they were rather prompt in replacing it. It was left up to me to get the new drive loaded and back to functional. That computer just became the family computer for Emails and such, and thats why I am looking into the new Dell. My family members connection at Dell has been very helpful with the new purchase but when I mentioned scrapping the new Dimension quote and starting over with a Dell Precision in order to have a 2nd or more Hard Drive, it sounded like the connection was ready to be done helping us.

My brother in law is in the computer business and it has been a hobby of his forever. I originally asked him about building one form scratch and he suggested going through Dell since the price was so low. I will try to find some smaller shops to get a quote from them but I will be surprised if they could come close to the deal I am getting.

And I am sure there will be problems, especially with it coming with Vista.

Thanks for your help.

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