The Inspire One video is

AvatarJohn McJunkin

The Inspire One video is better than I made it out to be when I posted my comments above … I concede that I was wrong.  And there are definitely features of the camera that make it worthy of serious consideration.  Personally, I can't justify the expenditure … yet.  So far, I have not had a shoot requiring the capabilities offered by the Inspire One but not my Phantom 2 / H3-3D / HERO4.  That time may come, but for now, my Phantom 2 is doing the trick, and a substantial segment of the folks who pay attention to little helicopter-carried cameras feel that the GoPro camera is superior to the proprietary DJI camera that ships with the Inspire One.

As to who might purchase a previously-owned Phantom 2 Vision+, I would submit that right now the iron is very hot – strike quickly.  Us semi-pros and pros are looking beyond the current crop of multirotors, but trust me when I tell you that there are plenty of moms and dads out there who would love to acquire a used drone at a used drone price for their budding young aerial videographer as a holiday gift.  Junior may want an Inspire One, but mom and dad are not willing to bet the Inspire One price tag that aerial videography is more than just a passing phase for their youngster, nor are they willing to allow the kiddo to learn how to fly on a three kilo-buck helo, when they can keep the potential loss to one kilo-buck or thereabouts.

Yes, you'll probably take a small financial hit selling the Vision+, but that hit will grow larger and larger over time.  Move on as quickly as you can, and you'll reduce the pain of that hit.

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