The house will be missing


The house will be missing a dedicated SHOOTING studio – although there is plenty of space to do so. The “family” room in the basement I think will be approx 17’x17′ so I may paint one of those walls green – if my wife lets me. I anticipate most of my shooting will be done outside the home. BUT I will still need lighting and other equipment.

This is definitely a dream come true. It is still surreal to me, and actually WAITING for it to happen before I fully believe it. I started as a mere wedding videographer, and my son by “accident” became friends with a kid who’s father has been producing and making beats for Universal Music for years. Long story short – he now wants to get into video – and with even barely knowing who I was started coming up with insane ideas – and we have become good friends in recent months. Now, once this is all said and done, I will owe my life to this man, BUT it was a deal I could not pass up! I have even tried over and over again to make sure he understands we do NOT need RED cameras – we can go a lot cheaper – but he refuses…

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