The hardwired lapel (laval


The hardwired lapel (lavaliere) mic-to-H2 might be redundant when thinking of it as a standalone digital recorder for either backup audio or with closer proximity to the desired audio sources, as the main audio recording source. And, as you noted, sync isn’t a serious problem in post, with or without the handclap. Especially if you have some dedicated audio editing software – and seems you do.

That being said, the Zoom H2 (in spite of the “redundancy”) is an excellent portable recorder and will fit in most pants, jeans, pouch, coat or other pocket, and returns the option for “portability” which you value, without sacrificing to the various potential problems with wireless – especially wireless units in the lower quality bracket.

Thus you avoid wireless issues such as interruption of signal, dropouts, etc. You have the advantage of portability and quick and easy setup. You have the dependability (depending, of course, on the quality and construction of the wired lapel mic system utilized) of a hardwired mic feed appropriately attached to the talent.

A win-win situation IMHO.

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