The great experiment is ge


The great experiment is getting results. Since I have posted several videos on Google, the web site traffic shows a good increase. When my videos make the "Popular" and/or the "Featured" list, the traffic increases by at least four fold. With the addition of the still photos, there has been a signifigant amount of hits to the new image gallery.
Bottom line, target your customers and give them plenty of options on your site. Add new videos and stills on a weekly basis. Google Video has driven a lot more traffic than Youtube. Forums provide a great tool to reach people, so search out forums that meet the subject matter, and introduce yourself. Try not to come off as a spammer with a link. Personalize your intro to the type and subject matter of that particular forum. If you have a cool photo that represents you, post that at the intro. It takes time to build traffic, so be patient.


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