“The “Great Camera Shootou


“The “Great Camera Shootout” was not comparing DSLRs to a true video


You are correct but I said to take a look to see the capabilities of DSLRs. In the first shootout they did compare the looks of DSLR’s and traditional HD video cameras. Here’s an entry with some ‘numerical’ and not subjective information;

CMOS vs CCD sensors

As for ‘why a videographer would choose a DSLR over a Trad vid cam’ are capabilities, expense and a certain amount of ‘wow’ factor. I’m an old-school broadcast camera shooter, but when the XL1 came out, I knew where things were going. Yeah, you sacrificed picture quality compared to a late model Betacam-SP, but the picture was very good, building a kit for it was infinitely cheaper and I could take it places a Betacam couldn’t go. I’ve seen ‘ordinary’ stuff shot with DSLR’s and in the hands of someone who knew what they were doing, it looked ‘cinematic’.

Now you’ve got the same thing with DSLR’s. A huge sensor with unprecedented low-light picture quality in a body smaller than an XL1 that can shoot in full HD that can hold up side to side with RED footage. Oh and cheaper! Yeah, the accessories can get expensive, but you are trying to make a still camera into a video camera. Secret is, you don’t need ‘the erector set’ as you rightfully called it. Just enough for good shoulder support and hand-held is all you really need. It’s when you start adding all the ‘doo dads’ that crap starts getting complicated, heavy and expensive.

At least with the Canon models there are regular firmware updates that add video controls that weren’t present initially. Remember these things were initially made by still camera engineers for still photographers to do short video feeds on blogs and junk. They had no idea of what they really came up with until videographers got a hold of the tech.

Dude, I think your ‘sweating’ the rolling shutter thing way too much. You really have to crank on some of these rigs to see the effect. On the forum there are a number of posts with aerial video shot with RC units and the 7D and I think the 5D. No rollin’ jello at all.

This is just where things are going. Personally, I still love ‘tradi cams’ and use them regularly. But I am looking to have a couple of DSLR’s in the arsenal including a ‘flip’ or three when something needs to get blown up.

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