The G20 and G30 do have a


The G20 and G30 do have a great shallow depth of field, especially for a camera with this sensor size, but it is only at the maximum focal length. If you watch the focal range as you zoom in, it goes from deep to moderate and then slams to tiny thin at the very longest focal length.

It’s not convenient but it is better than nothing which is what I’ve seen on some other cameras with this sensor size.

Yes, DSLRs are great for shallow depth of field. Even my Canon 600D (T3i) is much better than any camcorder I’ve used. For some interviews, I still prefer the DSLR, but for all of the reasons mentioned above and more, the Camcorder is MUCH more convenient for almost every other situation.

If I need that shallow depth, I set the camera back on a tripod or use the image stabilization, and zoom all the way in.

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