The folks making the DSLR


The folks making the DSLR rigs have definitely hit on something, though I don’t think they’ve ‘evolved’ to their max potential yet.

I’m a huge fan of the 5Dmk II and the 7D, but I read the white paper on the EOS 1D III and HOLY MOTHER OF PEARL! Sorry about the all caps there, but it had to be said. Granted it’s in the same price range as pro lower-end JVC, Sony and Panasonic video cam’s, but the stuff it can do seriously rivals the RED ONE. You put a mattebox kit and some good Canon 35mm lenses on that puppy and look out!

We do plan on picking up one more JVC GYHD-200UB (now $4k at B&H) but I also want to add a couple of DSLR’s to the arsenal. The thing is; go cheap and get 2 7D’s or cough up a lung and get a 1D III.

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