The first question that co


The first question that comes to mind for me is – how do you plan to steady or stabilize your camera during the flight while shooting footage? Handheld will be too shaky. Resting on a pillow – maybe. Gyros – mostly way out of budget. Glidecam – possible. Tripod or monopod – no. Camera or lens stabilization – yes, it worked for me on a helicopter should produce footage that can be worked with in post fairly easily (warp stabilizer). I have used the on camera and on lens stabilization filming on board a high speed boat that had a great deal of bouncing going on and was able to capture acceptable footage.

I would think writing to disc could be problematic but I do not have any experience recording directly to disc (moving drive head). However, writing to a card should be fine – there are no real drive mechanisms writing to the card just 1’s and 0’s.

For what it’s worth – now you have my two cents.

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