The fault condition you de


The fault condition you describe sounds most likely like an audio earth-shield wire or cable is open circuit or disconnected. That is reinforced by your description of increased hum/radiation from the charger, when it is connected. You have two cameras, if you get the same problem with both cameras then theproblem lies withmicrophoneits cabling orits connections.If you get no hum from the cameras internal microphone the problem lies outside the camera body.

Locating the problemshould be easy with a Sony XR500E as you are able to monitor the audio whilst recording through headphone jacks. If the problem is in the cable, by gentlytwisting/bending the cableswhere the cables join the connectors (both ends) you will be able to monitor if the noise/hum stop. Alternatively the problem may be a disconnected shield/earth wire internal in the microphone, swap with any another microphone if necessary, to confirm.

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