>>The eggcrate is an


>>The eggcrate is an interesting option.

>>If you aren’t confident in your manufacturing skills then you’ll be better off buying a light kit with a softbox(es) included.

To be honest, it is not that I do not have tools, or know how to use them. It is just that I find that it pays to task anything out that can reasonably be tasked out. (i.e., in “make or buy”, I generally choose buy, unless what I want cannot be readily found, or adapted).

I learned a ton by surfing for purchase. One of the things I learned is how good the Kino Flo’s and the Chimera’s are, and all the nifty features that they have ready-made…and how much they cost. If I had the $$ I would jump for that…but I don’t. But I also learned a ton about what is available out there, and what kinds of features I want build into my nano and green screen soffits, by spending some time to surf what is out there.

One of the things I realized is that these lights are really highly specialized tools, much like a painter’s brushes, or specialized wrenches. You might be able to hunt everything with a .30-.30, and lots of guys do, but some situations are better served by a .22LR, a .223, a .257 or a 7mm Magnum.

When I went to the Light Tools website, the guy gave me four or five options about what kind of egg crate I wanted; i.e., how tight or how loose I wanted the diffusion pattern to be (20 degrees off direct, 40 degrees off direct, etceteras). It occurs to me that these egg crate deals are really like specialty brushes, allowing one to paint specialty this, or specialty that. I do not know how much he is going to want for the egg crate, but if the cost is reasonable, it might be worthwhile to pick up a slightly widerdiffusion pattern as well, just to get the mostflexibility out of thelight. (And that way one could have a tight/directional grid, and then have a less directional grid, and/or one could also remove the grid).

I would appreciate hearing your input.


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