the dvx100 cameras seems r


the dvx100 cameras seems really great, but i have not used them myself.

I have used the GL2 and XL2, however, and from what it sounds like, that XL2 is a really good deal. The XL2 records 24p, 30p, and 60i, while the GL2 only records 60i. The XL2 records natively 16:9, the GL2 records 4:3 natively.

The XL2 (unless he’s selling the body only) also has XLR inputs, useful for professional microphones.
In addition, the XL2 has a very diverse and professional variety of image options.
The XL2 also has 1/3inch ccds. The GL2 has 1/4ccds.

Go for the XL2, its much more professional and providing to a videomaker than the GL2.
I would same the same for the dvx100a or b

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