The DV/NTSC .mov file is t


The DV/NTSC .mov file is typically the best for DV footage….

This countdown is actually an animation so typically you would export to an animation .mov file. This will preserve the full quality of the animation, however, an creates a very large file. Animations are typically very short, so since your animation is 30 mins, it wouldn’t pe practical for you to use the apple animation codec or some type ofequivalent format.

I think since this seems to be just a simple SD 720x480text countdown, simple DV/NTSC compression would be ok. If you have a more complex, colorful shortanimation with some action, it will be best to use the animation settings.

The main difference in working with animations opposed to DV footage is that DV footage is already DV/NTSC compressed. It makes no difference if you convert it to an uncompressed format, because you’ll only get a larger file. Animations on the other hand are basically uncompressed to begin with…you are creating it from scratchso it will benefit the final image if you keep it uncompressed instead of exporting to DV/NTSC.

Uncompressed files give you a better result when converting than when converting DV/NTSC files.

But as I said before…I think for this particular project it will be best if you to just export to DV/NTSCassuming it’s 30 mins and just basic text….you’d probably wouldn’t even notice the difference.

As for ProRes…That would bethe recommended methodfor editing HD video, especially HDV.

All you really need to know for now is to use the DV/NTSC .mov format for basic DV footage. 720×480

And usethe animation .mov file for short animations…you could also get away with using other popular editing formats like photo-jpeg .mov and png .mov.

there is obviously more to know…you can’t learn it all at once and it may be a bit confusing, but you’ll get the hang of it…just like you got the hangof audio.

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