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The DVD Logo

The DVD Logo is a mark that symbolizes the legitimacy and better compliance of the DVD product. When used correctly, it shows that the product was manufactured by a Licensee (legitimacy) and that the product passed the Verification test (better compliance).


Only companies that signed the DVD Format/Logo License Agreement and became Licensees are permitted to use the Format Specifications and the Logo for their products. The Logo is a Trademark owned by DVD FLLC, which only the Licensor (DVD FLLC) may authorize its use. If a non-Licensee uses the Logo for their products, that company is violating the Trademark Laws, which in turn make their products pirated-goods.

Better Compliance

There is one Test Specification for each of the Product Category of DVD products, which are allowed to carry the Logo. A Test Spec sets the minimum common requirements a product must pass for better compatibility.

Let us say that a disc has the Logo for DVD Video on it. This means that the disc may be reproduced on a player that also carries the DVD Video Logo. Likewise, a disc marked with DVD-RAM Logo is meant to be used for players/recorders with DVD-RAM Logo, and a disc marked with DVD-R Logo is playable/recordable on players with DVD-R Logo.

This could only be true if the Logo was put on the product as a result of the Verification. The Verification tests required-degree of conformity of the product to the Format Specifications on which it was based, according to the Test Specification. Therefore, a disc that has been verified is better compatible with a hardware that passed verification of the same Format and bears the same Logo. The use of the Logo is strongly recommended to show that the product has passed the Verification requirements. All First Production models of products need to be taken to Class A Verification Labs for verifications.

Correct Usage
DVD Logos are not marketing logos

The Logo authenticates the product as being legitimate and better Format compliant. It means that the only Logo that may appear on a product is the Logo of the Format used to manufacture the item. For example, it would be wrong to use the DVD Video Logo on a DVD-R disc that was authored to include visual material.

Since the Logo characterizes the Format of the product, it may not be used for name cards, websites, on wallpaper of the PC etc., even by a Licensee. Also, when using the Logo for advertisements and pamphlets, only the Logo pertaining specifically to the product that is being advertised may be used. (When advertising for DVD video player, use DVD Video Logo, for DVD-R disc, DVD-R Logo, and so on).

If you are an advertisement company making ads for Licensees, please ask the Licensee for clean proof of the Logo. Each Licensee has been given the DVD Logo Manual, which describes the proper usage of the Logos, as well as clean proof of the Logo that shows the correct dimensions.

New Logos

DVD is a growing, expanding media, which is constantly moving to include newer and better ideas. This means that the Logo must grow and expand as well. Since November 1999, we have introduced new application Logos. Formerly, the disc-shaped ovals below the stylised DVD characters contained words to indicate the Format of the product; now, the words appear either under the disc or beside the Logo.

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