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The DVD Business card landscape has changed a lot since dual layer, Bluray, and HD DVD have infringed on their space.

In mid 2004 I created a CD business card solution for a local real estate company using Flash video inside a director application. Just after we released my CD business card, flash came out public with its flv format, revolutionizing video on the web.

I looked inside my own crystal ball and began selling DVD Business card solutions in 2005. The real advantage of using the Director/Flash combination is that you can have very high quality video playable in both the MAC and PC. And then by adding DVDs into this instead of CDs you can also have 15 minutes of DVD quality video playable when someone puts the DVD into their player.

Over the years I have found that non circular cards are not as recognizable. It’s not the technology, it is people who don’t recognize what they are. So I have kept my miniDVDs the 3 inch round ones. Pricing these days are about $1/miniDVD if you purchase in bulk. miniDVDs get about 1.4Gb worth of information on them. Rectangular DVD Business cards are sold, but they are about $3/piece and you have to purchase in quantities of a thousand or more. They hold about 750Mb, just about the same size as a CD. But they break a lot. High spin rates and lack of user knowledge about what they are and how to use them cause more errors than the novelty they create. So if you stick with the round 3 inch ones, they even come with a white inkjet printable surface for that dollar a piece price. You can make the entire presentation functional on a MAC, PC and play a small portion of just video if someone opts to put it in their DVD player. I like the 3 in one functionality; I don’t know why my peers don’t create and burn their own miniCDs or miniDVDs.

My miniDVD website:
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I have put compelling reasons, sold some solutions to companies, and learned a lot about video, flash, director, and multiplatform technology. Use any information on that site to educate or inform yourself. I admit a large part is marketing, but I worked pretty hard to inform my users.

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