The Dude, Yeah, GL2 over G


The Dude,

Yeah, GL2 over GL1. It’s like the XL1s just smaller. You just don’t get the interchangeable lens capability and no XLR inputs (The XL1s didn’t have them either, you had to buy an adapter.) You’ll get good imagery you should be happy with unless you’ve got the ‘shallow depth of field’ bug. If you do, you’ll hate it because it will look ‘too realistic’. Also, spring for a couple of NP945 or NP970 batteries because the 930 that comes with the camera will only last for 35-45 minutes on a full charge.

As an entry level cam, you could do a lot worse. It was top of the line a while back and editing dv footage is a lot less hassle when it comes to the computer you need and storage requirements. If you’re just shooting and putting stuff up on YouTube, you’ll be good to go. Once you start building up your shooting chops, you’ll outgrow it quick.

You can get a used one for $1400 and change at B&H. I wouldn’t spend $2k on it for sure. Shop around, you probably can find one in good condition for a bit cheaper.

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