The denotation of professi


The denotation of professional is someone who engages in an activity as a means of livelihood while an amateur is one who doesn’t, also someone who works for pay. So if you are paid for editing or producing video you would technically be a professional.

However, there is also a connotation to the term professional that suggests a certain level of skill/expertise or training in the field.

To me a professional is truly a master of his craft. Part of the problem with the democratization of technology is that the level of experience and skill to be considered a professional seems to have declined. I am not just talking only about video production, the same is true for the design industry. Anyone can buy (or steal) Photoshop, do a couple of tutorials online and think they’re pretty hot. But in reality what they are is a barely trained dilettante. I believe that not only does this lead to a lowering of the quality level of the work but also a general lessening of the respectability/prestige of the profession.

On one hand I think that the democratization of media is a great thing. People who previously had no way to getting their beliefs or ideas to an audience can now do so. The proliferation of video and camera technology along with the emergence of the WWW as a distribution source have created an new media revolution where everyone can be a content producer. But on the other hand as more people who have little to no training can produce/edit content and get paid for it, the bar for being a professional lowers.

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