The CPU is absolutely what


It's always disheartening to read volumes of advice by so called experts only to find out it was completely wrong.  "As an IT guy" blah blah all that info was incorrect and what's worse, the OP followed his advice, spent a good sum of money that did not help his cause πŸ™


My CPU usage is confirmed via Windows Task Manager (I don't know why it was downplayed as not being accurate, works perfect for me), Corsair Link Commander and CPU Usage logger.  All 3 reported the exact same figures: 97%-100% CPU usage, all 8 cores during video rendering.  I used Handbrake, Sony Vegas and Windows Live Movie maker to test and all yeilded the same result.  
The CPU is absolutely what does most of the work in rendering captured video and not the GPU. The GPU is what does most of the work in rendering the video live i.e.: video games, etc.  Once the video is captured and you want to put it all together (which is what I believe the OP is talking about) it is your CPU that will go to work and the GPU will assist.  More cores=faster render times.  Sorry to be coming into this so late had I found this I would absolutely have suggested a nice quad core for fast video rendering.  I process 17 minute captured videos in 1920×1080, 25mbps bit rate in about 11 minutes.  I use an AMD FX-8350 CPU.  All 8 cores are being used during the rendering process.


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