The change in the internet


The change in the internet allows your consumers to market for you. With every video I convert and place online, I put the entire video up. Not 5 minutes, not 15, the entire 1 1/2 hour or 2 hour piece. I also password protect them and create a dynamic web 2.0 guestbook. This allows my viewers to type as they watch the media online. The overall effect is that I don’t have to rely on personally reminding people what I do. They tell their peers. They send out links to watch the media online. Those viewers who can’t be bothered to watch your media won’t, but they will read the reactions of other people who have. They will post responses, and discussions will start, like we are doing here. It does take a certain amount of business to get new business, and as the user above me suggested, you do have to do some networking with clients. But use the web to your advantage. Let your clients speak about your work. Build the tools so that they can easily consume. Don’t limit video to an isolating experience, get it out to where lots of people can watch and comment on it so that each time they do your logo and brand are visible to them.

One place which really helps me is the local video association. It’s not a place for me to prove I’m better or try to pick off competition. I’m in Illinois, and I’m sure there are associations in most states. I have visited a few, given talks at others, and I find that members help each other out with tips and forward leads.


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