“the camera on auto, tries


“the camera on auto, tries to up the gain on the mic and it mucks things up.. so use manual mic levels….. the soundboard to the laptop doesn’t do that”

You can say that again. With a video camera, though, it doesn’t levy the volume as much (it only changes when it gets to high), unlike the DSLR cameras with actual autogain. Computers are positively the worst sound recorder, as far as good audio level and S/N ratio – it can add all kind of things. You can only hope that the new microphone you bought is enough of professional quality AND works fine with your computer. You could say that it’s a bad preamp, but recording at line level is no exception. I getA LOTof stuff added when trying to run line level sound from my Church’s audio system into my computer.

My advice is also not to buy a cheap mixer, particularly if it’s realistic/radioshack brand. My $30 one adds a lot ofnoise and the controls are also noisy.

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