The camera cost is about the


The camera cost is about the same as a days rental of the type of camera you need. It’s a point and shoot handicam that takes nice pictures in bright light. It’s performance in a situation where you need a real sense is pretty poor.

The snag you have is dynamic range – In fact, even the naked eye is poor at this one. I assume you’ve seen through a welder’s mask? All you see is the arc, or plasma area, and the immediate work area – perhaps maybe limited to a few cms, the rest is blackness. A camera has nowhere near that ability, so while with welder’s density ND you might see the arc around the workpiece and the rod in sharp focus, the workpiece will vanish. The range between arc and not arc is too much for the camera, so the arc if exposed properly to less than 100%, leaves everything else black, and if you bring up the blacks the arc is just a white circle. Modern cameras can expose the work area and not burn out the sensor, but the white spot problem is not going to be solvable. Proper lenses give you more adjustment over the levels, but a handicam is not going to be controllable in these circumstances.

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