The cable is fine-brand ne


The cable is fine-brand new in fact.

I haven’t tried deleting the connection though.

I guess I can try that.

Remove the card…..

I will do that but not this week.

I need to do a regular cleaning next week-I hope-and will do it then.

If that doesnt work.

I will assume there is a problem with the firewire connection on the camera itself.

I read in some reviews of that happening to at least a few with this camera.

Among other problems.

It is so damn hard to find actual user reviews that can warn you before buying a camera.

And I did a pretty heavy search on this one before I bought it.

I never saw all the bad reviews until afterwards when I was looking for help.

I wanted a camcorder that could do nice or better vids of fast moving dogs in bite-work training.

I tried to find one that had good reviews for both daytime and under lights videos.

Never did find one that was entry level and user friendly and did well at night so settled on this one.

I screwed up big time looks like.


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